dust collectors and fume extractors
Xenetech Laser Compatibility Chart
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  XLT 1325
  XLE 1325
  XLT 2436
  XLE 2436
  SPH-400 Series CSA-600 Series SPH-800 Series LASERPURE Series
  SPH-426 & SPH4B6 CSA-626 & CSA-6B6 SPH-835 & SPH82B5 LPH-726 & LPH7B6
  Light-Medium Duty Medium-Heavy Duty 230 volt only **Table Top
  *2.0 square feet *4.0 square feet *8.0 square feet *2.0 square feet
  System Usage ( Light = 1 hour/day & Heavy = 8 hours/day )

*Suggested table size for most effective capture of all materials.

**Laser table tops can have custom sizes and materials, please contact us for more information


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