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Laser - Laser marking
Multy Purpose Filtration Station   Description
Quatro Air SPH400
  • Ideal for low debris generating applications such as metal marking
  • The SPL system employs a medium pressure motorized brushless impeller
  • Three stages of filtration ensure that particulate and odors are removed
  • 4" High Capacity pre-filter, 6" HEPA filter and 2" Chemical filter
  • Standard inlets are 3" and 4" diameter. Custom inlets available
  • Extended lids are available to allow easy cart installation or inside a cabinet
  • Filters are easily accessed and serviced through the latched pressure lid
  • Optional filter sequences avaialble
  • The unit can be customized to meet OEM requirements
Quatro Air SPH400 Quatro Air SPH400 Quatro Air SPH400 Quatro Air SPH400
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Quatro Air F164 Quatro Air F075 Quatro Air F072
F164 F075 F072
Height 24" (762mm)
Width 12" (304mm)
Depth 15" (381mm)
Weight 70lbs (32 kg)
CFM 170
W.C 3.0"
Motor Type Motorized Impeller  
Amps 2.0  
Voltage 120V (230V available)  
CE Certified
CSA Certified
HEPA Filters Certified

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