dust collectors and fume extractors
Solder fume extraction
Multy Purpose Filtration Station   Description
Quatro Air SPH400
  • Designed for workstations with multiple soldering stations
  • Heavy Duty General Purpose units capture SOLDER SMOKE & FUMES at source, before they migrate throughout the room
  • Ideal for: SOLDER FUMES, FLUX, WAXING FUMES, SOLVENT VAPORS (Isopropenal - cleaning)
  • Higher static capability & higher filtration capability than conventional SolderPure with 40lbs. (18kg) of odor and VOC treatment. 
  • Higher static allows for remote installation of up to 4 soldering stations
  • whisper quiet
Quatro Air SPH400 Quatro Air SPH400 Quatro Air SPH400
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Quatro Air F166-125 Quatro Air F069-071 Quatro Air F071 Quatro Air F074 Quatro Air AG097    


AG168 (Box of 12)

AG169 (Box of 25)

F069-071 F071 F074 AG097    
Height 24" (762mm)
Width 12" (304mm)
Depth 15" (381mm)
Weight 70lbs (32 kg)
CFM 280 (482m3 / hr)
W.C 90"
# / Pallet by Plane N/A
# / Pallet by Boat N/A
Height 24" (762mm)
Width 12" (304mm)
Depth 15" (381mm)
Weight 70lbs (32 kg)
CFM 280 (482m3 / hr)
W.C 90"
# / Pallet by Plane 00
# / Pallet by Boat 00
Motor Type High Speed Turbine  
Amps 12.8 / 6.6 (SPH-426)  
  12.8 / 6.6 (SPH-4B6)  
Voltage 120 / 240  
*RED Indicates 240 volt usage
Replacement Parts Part Number
Toggle switch E110
Fuse E106
12vDC Interface Switch E104
Blower plate Isolators H307
Casters H042
3” dia. Flexible hose H142
4” dia. Flexible hose H155
Blower Isolation Gasket H306-50
Filter Gasket H296/37ft
Filter Access Plate Gasket H006/50ft
Blower Motor Assy 120V AB001
Blower Motor Assy 230V AB002
Brush and Pad replacement kit AB030
CE Certified
CSA Certified
HEPA Filters Certified

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