dust collectors and fume extractors

Engraving, Milling & Cutting Chip Extraction Systems

Unlike laser systems where the burning action must be considered, the main concern with rotary engraving systems is dealing with particulate matter.
Quatro engraving extraction systems are small, quiet and are designed with superior suction capabilities to overcome the small hosing and vacuum chip foot assemblies that are attached to the engraving head. We also have the very popular self-cleaning iVac series of dust collectors for milling operations or any other operation that produces large amounts of fine dust.

Small Compact Dust Collector   Description
Quatro Air JetStream  
  • Rapidly becoming the standard for small engravers the JetStream offers significant advantages and performance over the competition
  • Maximum airflow 110 CFM with a maximum pressure of 90" W.C.
  • 1 micron pre-filter bag, easily replaced
  • 99.97% effective HEPA filter on particles larger than 0.3 micron
  • Built in silencer reduces noise to 49 dBA
  • Sleek, modern and easily portable
  • Full range speed control
  • CSA/UL approved motors with circuit breaker and thermal cut-out protection
  • Remote on-off communication
  • Optional 6 Gallon (26 l)Knock out bucket for larger debris
Laser, Soldering & Welding   Description
Quatro Air LaserVac-Mini  
  • For light duty engraving where odor and VOC capture is more of a concern than large debris the Mini is well suited to this purpose
  • Capture fumes and particulate debris at source
  • Multiple filter arrangement allows for disposable bag, HEPA cartridge and gas phase filter
  • Quiet (52 dBA) with built in whisper quiet features
  • Portable design can be installed anywhere
  • Specialty chemical filters can be incorporated to deal with toxic and/or nuisance odors, contact us for custom applications
  • Automated controls available
Fully Automatic "Self-Cleaning" Dust Collector   Description
Quatro Air iVAC  
  • Intelligent "next generation" dust collector perfect for engraving
  • Filter Cleaning System (FCS) is fully automatic, self activating and hands-free
  • Knows what to do, When to do it, AND DOES IT
  • Built-in "slide & glide" COLLECTOR, accumulates 6 gallons
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