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Quatro Air AF800

Designed to fit into an application where direct capture from the source is possible the AF uses high power blower motors to pull the air through  3 stages of filtration consisting of a pre-filter for large particulate, a certified HEPA filter to capture 99.97% of all particulate greater than 0.3 micron and a chemical filter with up to 80 lbs. (36kg) of odour and VOC treatment.

We have special chemical formulations designed for the following purposes:

  • to reduce the ozone created during UV curing processes
  • to remove harmful VOCs from solvent inks 

This unit is available in brushed and brushless versions.

This unit has many options and can be customized for OEM applications.
Quatro Air AF800 Quatro Air AF800 Quatro Air AF800
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Height 22" (559mm)
Width 13" (330mm)
Depth 16" (406mm)
Weight 85lbs
Amps (230v ) 12
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AG033 AG097 F074 F071    
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